The world of books evens the playing field-- delivering truth, connectedness, and beauty across miles and generations. These are a few of my favorite reads that have inspired, shaped, and motivated me.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Food and Loathing" by Betsy Lerner

Betsy Lerner presents a deceptively simple tale
of her life over many years as it relates to
addiction, recovery, and self-discovery.

It is not a pretty story.
It's brutally honest, giving a front row seat
to her self-loathing and generalized discomfort, detailing
in excruciating accuracy how one can feel so totally
displaced while often not understanding why.

Her saga covers food addiction, substance abuse,
and other self-harming issues, and tells the story
of how people tend to be cross-addicted in a
matter-of-fact way that doesn't preach, judge,
nor pull punches. She gets to what's behind
the problems that manifest; self worth.

Mental illness and the struggle to find a correct
label so she could receive appropriate treatment
is also a big part of the picture. Just as much
abuse happened during her institutionalization
as it did at her own hands.

Learn what it took for one women to find her
voice, her truth, and her life.


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