The world of books evens the playing field-- delivering truth, connectedness, and beauty across miles and generations. These are a few of my favorite reads that have inspired, shaped, and motivated me.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"The Good Neighbor" by Jay Quinn

"The Good Neighbor" is, as one might suspect,
not a title given to complete accuracy.
There may be a touch of facetiousness involved!

Eternal southerner Jay Quinn dishes up a
lively and intriguing story of an established gay
male couple living well in an indistinguishable
home in an upscale Orlando community.

Barely averting midlife crises themselves,
how will they respond when their new
neighbors--a married straight couple with
children--become wrapped up in their vortex?

I loved that this story effortlessly weaves all aspects together;
two very different relationships that nonetheless
have parallels, a back story that is indulged in
stops and starts, sexual tension that is splitting
open everyone involved, and a pot-burner
style that leaves you unsure what dastardly
or unseemly thing may happen next.

The story didn't go where I expected it to,
but the ending was nonetheless satisfying
and rewarding. Jay Quinn scores again, with
another great work that reads like something
I would have written to satisfy myself!

Another aspect of Jay's writing I love is that
characters are murky and imperfect and don't
fit into neat little boxes, and their motives
remain difficult to understand, if not unclear.
They're real.

Sexy, lurid, dangerous, and filled with realistic
everyday bits that people in and out of relationships
will identify with. If you love waiting to see 'what
might happen next,' "The Good Neighbor" is for you.