The world of books evens the playing field-- delivering truth, connectedness, and beauty across miles and generations. These are a few of my favorite reads that have inspired, shaped, and motivated me.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Bird by Bird" by Anne Lamott

("Some Instructions on Writing and Life")

Anne Lamott has an incredibly engaging style
and a simple descriptive narrative that truly
feels conversational, like you're right there in
the room witnessing her insights yourself.

"Bird by Bird" is about stories from her life,
from teaching, from others, as she explores
what makes a good story (and what the process
of writing entails to actually produce a good story.)

It isn't all sunshine and roses, but it's always refreshing
and honest and necessary. It's an intervention when
seeing things as they are may not be what you're after.
She's clever and incisive without being preachy or smug,
and plenty self-deprecating (not, as some imagine, a
trait all writers share...and certainly not one they
reveal to others!)

This is a great read whether you're a writer, a lover of books,
curious about the creative process, or simply enjoy life stories.


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