The world of books evens the playing field-- delivering truth, connectedness, and beauty across miles and generations. These are a few of my favorite reads that have inspired, shaped, and motivated me.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Banned Books Week

Do yourself, your mind, your family,
and your community a favor and help
support "Banned Books Week."

Order yourself a banned or challenged
book you've never read, or pass on
a copy of a banned book to a new reader.

Get informed about the extensive history
of censorship and the fight against
intellectual freedom that has gone on
for so long.

Recommend a banned or controversial
book for a book club, or start up
a book club!

Here are a few of my favorite books which have
been censored, banned, or challenged
at one time or another:

Order from your library, local bookseller, or online resource
today and support these great works;
Celebrate your right and ability to read!

Be intellectually free and uninhibited--
don't let anyone tell you what to think,
how to feel, or what your interests 'should' be!


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